The following .pdf drawings of the North Shore Center are drawn to scale: if you print them at their original dimensions with “scaling” turned off they should be the same scale as indicated in the drawings. For more detailed CAD and Vectorworks drawings, or for areas not covered by these files, please contact the Technical Director. Some changes may be made without notice.

Center Theatre Space

Click Here for features of the Center Theatre, including dressing rooms, lighting and sound inventory, etc.
Click here for the standard lighting included in rental package for Center Theatre space.
Click here for a scale drawing of the Center Theatre stage.

Northlight Theatre Space


Click here for Northlight space in flat floor configuration.
Click here for the lighting grid over Northlight stage.

Grand Lobby

Click here for a scale drawing of our grand lobby.

We are always happy to help with your event. If you have any questions about these files, or any other technical aspect of the North Shore Center, please do not hesitate to contact our technical director at technical@northshorecenter(dot)org.