Youtheatre: Support the 40th Year

Youtheatre’s A STEM to Growth season hosted 13 productions with 25 total performance that inspire creative learning opportunities in history, culture, science, math and literacy. The Youtheatre education series reached over 12,000 young people in the 2018/19 season. With the generous support of our donors, over 2,400 students were provided free or reduced-price tickets to attend an engaging, professional performance during the school day. To continue access to the performing arts for children, please donate here:

Telecoil Installation in Center Theater

The Center continues to meet or exceed ADA requirements for the facility. A growing trend in performing arts venues, however, is for facilities to provide a telecoil loop system (t-coil for short) for patrons who have the increasingly common hearing aids with t-coil technology.

T-coil, involves a tiny receiver that is built-in to many hearing aids and cochlear implant processors.  Wireless transmission to the telecoil receiver is via an electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field is transmitted via silhouette ear hooks, neck loop or room loop and is picked-up by the telecoil receiver. This process allows the individual patron to determine the volume for a cleaner sound while reducing background noise. It makes it unnecessary for a patron to check-out a cumbersome belt-pack radio and headset for assisted listening and greatly expands the number of people that can be provided with assisted listening services.

Whether patrons come to the Center to laugh while watching Capitol Steps or relish in the distinct voice that resonates during a jazz performance, T-coil would provide all of our guests the opportunity to hear the talent that performs at the Center at their best.  Given the two-level nature of the interior of the theatre, T-coil in the main hall involves expert designers and installers. Please support this project here:


A seat sponsorship offers you a unique opportunity to create a prominent legacy in this world class facility by placing the name of your family, friend or business in the limelight. Your donation is commemorated with a personalized plaque that will be mounted on the chair. All donors who sponsor a seat will have their names added to the Sponsor-a-Seat recognition board in the grand lobby of the theatre.  Sponsorships are valid for five years.

Please consider making a donation to The North Shore Center Sponsor-a-Seat Program and support this special resource in our community.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to get involved!

Sponsor-a-Seat to:

  • Honor a loved one
  • Celebrate your family name
  • Demonstrate your business or club’s support of a community treasure

Cost to Sponsor-a-Seat: (includes custom engraved plate)

  • $300 for one chair
  • $250 per chair for two or more seats

How to Sponsor-a-Seat:

Support the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie

Support current projects and programs at the Center.  Donate here so that we may use your donation where it will have the greatest impact.

Support the Center

All contributions are tax deductible within the limits of federal and state laws. Please indicate how you prefer to be acknowledged for your support.

The North Shore Center for the Performing Arts Foundation reserves the right to edit dedication plates on chairs and recognition board for space considerations. Benefits for Sponsor-a-Seat Program participants are exclusive to the Sponsor-a-Seat Program.  For more information on additional ways to support the Center, please call 847-679-9501, ext. 3308.